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The cake I made for Anton’s Bootcamp {Army} Birthday Party was definitely an experiment.


I’m THRILLED that it turned out though, and thought I’d share with you how I did it.



Because I happen to like the taste of boxed cakes more than homemade {ghasp!} and because I didn’t want to spend all evening in the kitchen, I started with these two cake mixes.

I chose Dark Chocolate Fudge because I wanted the darkest brown possible.


After preparing the 2 mixes according to the directions, I split them into several bowls.

I added white to one of the dark chocolate bowls, making a lighter brown {next time I’d make it WAY lighter because once cooked, it was difficult to see the difference in color}.

I also separated more of the white into 2 other bowls, dying them different shades of green.


I typically mix my own dye colors {a leftover love from my college days taking color theory & painting classes} but because I began this project around 10pm, I decided to take the easy route and use a pre-made hue.


I really wanted a contrast between the colors and remembered reading somewhere that if you add blue dye to dark chocolate, it turns it nearly black.

It turned out great.


Ben and I worked together, taking turns plopping big dollops of color into the prepared cake pans {first spraying a healthy coat of Pam, then dusting it with flour}.


I wanted to make Anton a big cake to blow out candles from, but decided I also wanted cupcakes…lets be honest, they’re just easier for birthday parties.

Especially parties at the park.


This time I used piping bags, each with a separate color {learn to make your own here}.

Bake according to instructions on the box.


Again, because I didn’t want to be up all night, I used pre-made vanilla frosting. I added more of the avocado green dye but wanted more of an army green so I simply mixed in a little chocolate icing that I had left over from Ezekiel’s birthday party last week.

After mixing it together with my Kitchen Aid, it became exactly the color I was hoping for. Not too dark, not too bright.


Rather than frosting the entire top of the cupcakes and cover up the camouflage cake entirely, I decided to grab my piping bags again and make a little multi-color swirl on top.

I did this by putting 2 separate frosting colors in 2 separate piping bags {without tips on them}. Then, placing both bags together into yet another bag {with a tip this time}, they come out together, giving a multi color effect.


Just like wanting more contrast in the 2 brown colors in the cake, next time I’d like more contrast in the greens I used on top of the cupcakes. They ended up being very subtle.


All in all, my camo experiment was a success & was fun that every slice of cake was different.


I love how it turned out…more importantly, the Birthday Boy loved it.


. . . . . . . . . . .

By the way, do you adore my “Anton” bunting? Me too!

Learn how to make cake bunting here.



These beautiful chalkboard bunting letters are courtesy of the ever-creative Kristin over at Yellow Bliss Road {get ‘em here}.

chalkboard bunting


Hope this inspires you to get creative on your next birthday cake!

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  1. we have chosen your bootcamp birthday party to be featured on Hostess With The Mostess! Congratulations!

  2. Amy says:

    Hi! I love your cake! Just a quick question…did it all still taste good with the combinations of cake mixes and frosting, etc? Wanting to try this out but hoping to not sacrifice on taste. Thanks!

    1. hugs & punches says:

      hi Amy! Great question! It tasted absolutely fantastic and you didn’t even notice it was both vanilla & chocolate cake mixed together {the green coloring had no flavoring in it}. Let me know what you think if you end up trying it!!

  3. Alyssa says:

    I was just wondering if you’ve got any tips for me. Im trying to do a 6′ topper cake for a wedding I’m doing but they want the cake cammo. Ive done cupcakes and they’ve turned out great but a 6′ topper is a lot deeper and was just wondering how I would get all the batter in without the colours bleeding

    1. hugs & punches says:

      Hi Alyssa! Oh wow…a camp wedding cake?! How fun! Gosh, I’m certainly not one to ask on a 6′ topper though {wish I were!}. Have you tried your local bakery or maybe even a favorite baking blog?

  4. Shi says:

    I also prefer the boxed cakes. Maybe homemade from scratch is better, but I only have so much time. What I can say is that people always comment that my cakes taste better than the prepared store bought ones.

    1. hugs & punches says:

      That’s so funny, Shi. I always get compliments on my {boxed} cakes too. And oh how much easier they are to make!!